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Stretching: Should be daily routine, regardless of workout regimen

HealthCorps Program Coordinator When exercising, how often do you stretch? Do you stretch before? After? Both? In reality, like exercising, stretching should be done everyday, and it helps with doing essential activities like getting out of bed in the morning and bending down to tie your shoes. Stretching improves flexibility, which is the ability to move your joints through a full range of motion, and stretching before exercise helps reduce the chance of exercise-related injury. Stretching after exercising helps the body return to its normal state, and it helps to prevent muscle strain. A great way to incorporate stretching into exercising is to do yoga!

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Senior moments from the Newcastle Senior Center

Hello Newcastle Seniors. It's been about two weeks with seemingly nothing going on except violence and destruction. It is hard to even know what to say today. I know this will all end soon, it has to. Then we will go back to normal. As normal as possible, anyway. We are seeing the re-opening of many businesses across the metro area and across the state. We need to go about our lives as much as possible. The way they were before the pandemic and destructive protestors. We know there are peaceful protesters out there trying to get some changes done for the better but

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What needs to go and what needs to stay

I am currently preaching a two-part series called, “Different: “What Needs to Go and What Needs to Stay.” The world we live in has changed and changed us. We are all different now. We have different schedules, abide by different rules, face different circumstances, and experience different emotions. What are we to do? How can we adjust to what is different and be different for the better? Personally, I think we do that best by evaluating what needs to go and what needs to stay.

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HISTORICALLY SPEAKING/Current events through a historical lens

This week I do not have a clever opening. America is in pain and especially our black brothers and sisters. This is an understandable pain, especially when seen through the lens of American history. Their pain goes back over the past four centuries, but if we focus on just the last one, maybe we can learn a lesson from the past and also try to understand the reaction.


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