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Senior moments from the Newcastle Senior Center

Hello Newcastle Seniors! We seem to be almost at an impasse right now with the Senior Center. Everything is looking positive but it is just not happening yet. The coronavirus continues to spread and that is keeping a lot of seniors homebound. There are many who are still coming to the center every day although they are being very careful. We are still practicing social distancing by keeping everyone separated to four to a table and keeping six feet from the next person in any line. Everything in use is being sanitized each day. We feel it is as safe as being in your own home but that still remains to be your own choice.

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Being Christ-like in chaos

The word chaos is a good word describing the world today. In every possible avenue of life, there is chaos. Think about it, chaos in politics, health, schools, communities, economy, news, social media, and on and on. People are at odds with one another, and are in such polarizing and different places on a wide variety of issues. Unfortunately, this has even affected churches. Christians, who are supposed to be a part of the solution, are in many ways a part of the problem. The truth is, we must do better. As followers of Jesus, our opinions, reactions, responses, feelings, and decisions must reflect our hope, joy, and trust in the Lord. After all, Christians are supposed to be light in a dark world, and now more than ever, we must shine brightly.

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Well, after months of delays, and multiple release dates scrapped and rescheduled, Disney’s live action remake for “Mulan” is finally making its way to audiences nationwide. Just not in the way most of us expected.


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