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What needs to go and what needs to stay

I am currently preaching a two-part series called, “Different: “What Needs to Go and What Needs to Stay.” The world we live in has changed and changed us. We are all different now. We have different schedules, abide by different rules, face different circumstances, and experience different emotions. What are we to do? How can we adjust to what is different and be different for the better? Personally, I think we do that best by evaluating what needs to go and what needs to stay.

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HISTORICALLY SPEAKING/Current events through a historical lens

This week I do not have a clever opening. America is in pain and especially our black brothers and sisters. This is an understandable pain, especially when seen through the lens of American history. Their pain goes back over the past four centuries, but if we focus on just the last one, maybe we can learn a lesson from the past and also try to understand the reaction.


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