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In trying times...look to Jesus

We are living in one of the most unusual and challenging times in human history. As we began 2020, no one could have ever seen what we are currently facing. America has been through many difficult things in her history, and together, we will rise, but it appears we will have to endure some challenges for a little while.

Best Prepared in the World

Best Prepared in the World

Over the last several weeks, there have been numerous developments related to the coronavirus, including an uptick in confirmed U.S. cases and unsettling swings in the stock market. As we navigate each day, it’s important to remember that we are still in the early stages of combating a mysterious virus that we didn’t even know existed until earlier this year. Despite the unknowns, we should all rest a little easier knowing that our country’s preparation has been years in the making, and - from day one - our readiness tools have been deployed swiftly and decisively well to protect American lives.


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