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Jesus changes everything!

The Apostle Peter is a very unique character in the Bible. He was one of the early disciples of Jesus, and is sometimes referred to as the disciple who lived with his foot in his mouth. Peter was always acting first, and thinking later. Sometimes that is a great quality to have, but other times, it can get you into trouble. As erratic as Peter tended to be, he was a man who experienced the grace of God in a completely transforming way. He was the one who denied Jesus three times, but repented, was forgiven by God, and became a devoted follower of Jesus who was eventually martyred for his faith. He understood very personally and very deeply that Jesus changes everything.

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A vaccine in record time

When this year began, none of us expected to face a global pandemic that would steal hundreds of thousands of American lives, inflict unprecedented damage on our economy, disrupt business as usual and uproot life as we know it. But although the United States certainly did not create the coronavirus crisis, our country has led in the mission to eliminate the virus and restore our way of life by seeking to deliver a vaccine in record time. As we celebrate Christmas this week and look toward 2021, I am grateful that vaccines are already beginning to reach frontline health care workers and the most vulnerable in our communities, providing hope for better days ahead.

America’s history of presidential pardons

America’s history of presidential pardons

There comes a time for every president when they must face the inevitable reality that they are out of a job. What do most of these men do with this realization that campaigning is over? They pardon whomever they want without fear of consequences. The best evidence that Trump deep down knows he lost is the pardon of Michael Flynn. Flynn will be only the first of many and a few will be controversial, but, historically speaking, it will be difficult to surpass the controversy of past pardons and even more difficult to surpass past presidents’ numbers. Of course, the entire premise of this article will change if he attempts to pardon himself.


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