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Senior moments from the Newcastle Senior Center

Hello Newcastle Seniors.! We are getting closer everyday to being back to 'normal' and that will be a very good day. Will we even recognize 'normal' when we do get there? Will it be when all the protesters get tired and go home and the violence and destruction stop? When COVID-19 is no longer a threat? When all the people feel safe again? I believe those days are coming but it may not be real soon. We can hope and pray that it will be soon. Lets all stay positive and be thankful that we are not in one of those large cities where we would be afraid to leave our home. We are so blessed to live here in the great state of Oklahoma where we have space enough to do what we want to do and go where we want to go. Let's stay strong and focused and help each other all we can, in whatever the situation might be.

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How to live different

Christians are supposed to be different. In fact, being different is at the core of Christianity. When someone begins following Jesus, He leads them in a new way and causes them to live a new and different life. Truly, Jesus changes everything about a person. He changes the way they think, talk, and act. Why is it then, that so many who claim to follow Jesus look no different from those who make no such claim?


It’s been a long week for me, so I’m gonna keep it short this time around.

This weekend I watched a couple smaller titles available to rent on video-on-demand.

Did you know?

People who have cancer often suffer from weakened immune systems, which can make it hard for their bodies to fight off disease. That means it is essential for newly diagnosed cancer patients or those going through treatment to avoid others who are ill, such as those with influenza or even the common cold. Family members also will need to take precautions to help protect their loved ones from contracting contagious diseases. According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, heightened risk for cancer patients has occurred in the wake of COVID-19. Cancer patients are urged to speak with their doctors regarding their concerns about COVID-19. Practicing good personal hygiene and embracing social distancing policies may help cancer patients avoid viruses, including COVID-19. Cancer patients may want to ask others to do their food shopping and run errands for them to minimize their contact with potentially ill individuals.


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