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Freeman has a “Good Week”

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This past week has been a huge week for my son, Caleb Freeman. Caleb was once the fastest runner on the Newcastle Cross Country team, but  after his car accident on December 19, 2017,  where he suffered  a traumatic brain injury, life has been an uphill battle.

As you might know, Caleb’s brain injury was the worst possible kind. He suffered a grade three, diffuse axonal brain injury that also affected the brain stem. 90% of people with this type of injury never regain consciousness. We were told that, if by chance he did wake up, he would never live any kind of a normal life.  

This past week, Caleb miraculously ran in the final regular cross country meet of the year and finished 3.1 miles in 51 minutes and 44 seconds. Caleb used to run three miles in under seventeen minutes. After everyone finished the race, and Caleb was the only one left running, over one hundred of the cross country runners came back and finished the race with him. It was incredible. This time last year, Caleb was in a wheelchair and using a walker most of the day. Here we are a year later and he just ran 3.1 miles. I can only imagine where he will be in another year. Caleb said it best,The week just kept getting bigger for Caleb. Every local news station picked up on Caleb’s story and began sharing it, along with a few national news media outlets. The NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt covered his story twice, as well as CNN. It was absolutely unbelievable.  

Then, on Friday night, Caleb was voted homecoming king by his classmates.

“They said I would never run again, but God had other plans.”
-Caleb Freeman

On the football field where he virtually learned to walk again, he was named homecoming king and walked out to the fifty yard line to meet his queen. Caleb told me, “If I win, I’m excited because I’ll get to kiss the queen.” However, the young lady who won, Austyn Pine, is one of his lifelong friends. When they met at mid-field for the crowning, Caleb asked, “Can I kiss you?” She replied, “On the cheek.” And he did. It was so sweet!  Caleb’s miracle continues and his life continues impacting this world. He and I travel quite extensively sharing his message of hope and it is amazing to see how many people are being encouraged and strengthened by his #butGod story. God has been so good to us and we are grateful!  Keep praying for Caleb because God is not finished yet. His story reminds us all that with God, all things are possible. See you next week!  Jeremy Freeman Facebook: Twitter: JeremyFreeman_ Instagram: JeremyFreeman_

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