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Letters to the Publisher

Parent concerned about district’s financial responsibility, upcoming bond issue

Dear Publisher,

Here's my take on the bond issue for the school coming up for a vote in April.

Our school board has raised administration costs $200,000+ per year in just the last year. We have five individuals in this district making over $100,000 a year and multiple "directors" making over $90,000 per year. The top three wage earners make over $480,000 per year, the top seven make over $875,000 per year.

None of the surrounding districts of similar size have near the administrative costs of NPS. Yet they still manage to turn on the lights and have school.

The football field was installed 12 years ago, and at the time they knew it was a field that would have to be replaced. Yet no plans were in place to fund that replacement. It is now an emergency requiring a bond.

The gym was built without a A/C, once again prior planning wasn’t used. It is now an emergency requiring a bond.

The other items on this bond could have been paid for with just the INCREASE in administration costs of last year. This bond has put myself and countless others in a rough spot. We all want to do what is best for our kids, but at a certain point we are enabling this district to continue to make bad financial decisions with no accountability.

We are paying approximately $60,000 per year to the district in activity fees. Over 69% of every property tax dollar we pays goes to the school, and 29% goes directly to general fund. Now we are being asked for more money through a bond “for the kids.”

I will not continue to enable financial irresponsibility, but I do want to support the kids. If the school board can show something, anything that resembles financial responsibility, I will vote yes. Otherwise I will vote no.

There is a board meeting on Tuesday, March 10 before the vote in April to show us something. For the sake of transparency I have put in my application to be appointed to the vacant board seat, but whether appointed or not, I will always advocate for financial responsibility.

Daniel Gober

The Newcastle Pacer

P.O. Box 429

120 NE 2nd, Suite 102 - Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065