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Pandemic and oil glut could cost Oklahoma 10,000 energy sector jobs

Oklahomans are feeling widespread pain because of the nation’s economic shutdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic and a resulting glut in the demand for oil. Economic recovery in the state will be slow through this summer and into the winter, according to economists at Oklahoma State University, who predict that as many as 10,000 jobs could be lost in the energy sector alone.

Coping with worries during Covid-19

Stress and anxiety are not unknown emotions, but now the worries felt before the pandemic may seem to have little importance compared to what troubles us now. It was easy to get caught up and obsess over the little bad parts of the day such as running late to work, receiving a messed up order at a sitdown restaurant, or forgetting an item at the grocery store and needing to make a quick run back. It’s easy to almost want those nuisances back because they come with what normal life use to be. Now, millions of Americans are laid off work, restaurants and bars are closed, and going to the grocery store is everything but forbidden. Our worries are much bigger now. Life in the United States has changed completely in a matter of a few weeks, and it will continue to change in the months ahead. Although our worries are bigger and life is still changing, we are able to cope in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas.


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