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Street Department begins road maintenance

The Newcastle Street Department has begun the chip-seal road projects that were approved in this year's budget. Roads completed thus far, include: NE 24 from SH 62 to Portland; Portland between NE 24 and Fox Lane. Portland between Fox Lane and SE 16; SE 16 between Portland and SH 62; SW 16 between SH 62 and County Line Rd.

Chip-sealing is a normal maintenance operation on roads to preserve and extend the life of the asphalt layer and road bed by preventing water from seeping into cracks in the roadway. During the winter, the water freezes and causes significant damage to the asphalt and road bed. Once the chip-sealing projects have been completed, crews will begin fog-sealing the same areas. Fog-sealing is the application of a thin layer of oil placed on top of the chip-seal to help bind everything together. These two processes will preserve the asphalt and road bed for approximately five to seven years eliminating the need for costly asphalt overlays to be performed more frequently.

The speed limit in these areas have been or will be reduced for a few days. "Loose Gravel" signs are also placed in these locations as a caution to motorists. Drivers are asked to slow down for their safety and the safety of crews when driving in these areas.

Patience and understanding is appreciated as crews work to protect these driving surfaces and prevent costly repairs.

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