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So let me tell you my background before I talk about water.

I’ve worked in the civil engineering field since October 1984 I’ve worked on projects from subdivisions, water treatment facilities, sewage treatment facilities along with multiple state highway and turnpike projects I’ve worked for my current engineering company since January 1991. You have driven on many of the roads in the state, metro area that I’ve had a hand in designing.

So I might know a little about civil engineering.

I also sit on Newcastle’s City Council along with the 911 and the transportation boards of ACOG Association of Central Oklahoma Governments. So I might also know a little bit about what is going on in the metro area as well.

Water is the bloodline of any community. Remember this!

Our drinking water comes from two sources deep drilled wells along the river area and Oklahoma City Water Trust.

First Source

The wells along the river furnishes about half our supply it is pumped and treated by State DEQ standards

and meets DEQ standard. This last meeting the Public Works Trusted voted to have bids for a new filtration system installed in place for the aging one that was starting to developing issues.

Second Source

From Oklahoma City water trust. Why is it important for us to purchase water from the trust? We have several reasons to think about.

Water can be purchased for a cheaper amount then drilling additional wells, larger treatment facilities. Which we also sale water to Blanchard and Goldsby.

Allows Newcastle and other cities that purchase water a seat at the table when our neighbors to the north have issues of water. Why is this important? JOBS!

A few cities in North Texas would like to grow Dallas, Fort Worth and a few more like them. Oklahoma has what they want and what they need WATER. BAD IF OKLAHOMA LEGISLATORS DECIDE TO SALE IT TO THEM.

Oklahoma looses jobs that are not oil field related.

See Oklahoma Water Trust has fresh water coming from multiple locations across our great state. Along with two new 60 inch pipeline coming out of Atoka Lake that the construction will be starting soon. So more water coming into a growing metro area. When the water trust goes on rationing we must go on rationing that odd-even day thing we all think about during the summer.

So we also have two lines bored under the river from Oklahoma City one is in use at the moment the other is for future growth of our city. Smart idea for sure. I can’t take credit council voted for that before I came on board. What wasn’t smart back in the good old days was trenched in 2” waterlines down section line roads that feed subdivision but council worked with what they had. Today we are replacing those 2” lines with 12” lines along with looping lines and some booster pumps to increase pressure across the city.

So water is covered for the most part Will we have issues in the future YES let’s be honest any growing city has issues.

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