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Elcyzyn might be just what the doctor ordered!

Tiffany Elcyzyn is a mighty busy lady these days – and she loves it! And, for a small community like Newcastle, she is a shining light in a world that has become dim in the last several weeks.

Elcyzyn could be just what the doctor would order in a time of despair.

Elcyzyn is a woman in her late 30’s who has been involved in the real estate business for over 16 years. She started right after high school.

She has both commercial and residential real estate experience – the first five years of her career involved in the commercial side of things and the last several years on the residential end.

Simply, she loves people. Elcyzyn has shown that - especially in the last few years. She was a former Newcastle city council member. Recently, she was sworn in as the newest member of the Newcastle school board.

Elcyzyn is a woman of many talents, for sure.

“My full-time job is in real estate,” said Elcyzyn, who works for Prime Realty at SW 89th and Pennsylvania in Oklahoma City. “That’s how I make my livelihood. But, I am now on the school board and I have always been close on the municipal side of things, too. When I realized there was a seat open on the board, I thought about it long and hard. I thought, ‘This might be a chance for me to get involved with the schools.’ I am intrigued by how some of the decisions are being made.

“After three or so years of negative attention to the state funding and budget for schools, I was curious and wanted to get an understanding of it from the inside-out - instead of from the outside-in. When the seat opened, I jumped at the chance. And, it seems like we have really good leadership and there are a lot of good people who are serving right now. I’m just going to roll up my sleeves and dig right in. They needed someone to fill the seat and I just went for it.”

Elcyzyn isn’t one to partake of her spot behind a desk and spew about things via the internet. She’s a hands-on person.

“You can sit behind a desk behind a computer and complain about things all day long,” Elcyzyn said. “Most people do but until you just jump into the middle of the mix and start contributing, I don’t think you have a lot of say. People are so quick to speculate versus actually doing their homework. That’s one of the reasons why I jumped on the chance to be on the city council.

“I was frustrated with things that were going on. I told (current Newcastle mayor) Karl Nail that I wanted to think like they think and to see things how they see things. It seemed like I was missing something. Once I got on to the board, I realized, ‘Wow, there are so many things that people don’t know about running a municipality.’ Once I learned about these things – and I’m still learning – I earned a whole new respect them. I’m able to educated people about things, such as the park.”

Indeed, one of Elcyzyn’s crown jewels is her work on tremendously upgrading Newcastle’s Veterans Park. Currently, many projects are going on to make the park even more family friendly.

She said that funding for the projects like the park have not been easy. The general populace doesn’t understand the intricacies of such a municipal outpouring of finances. There are votes to be taken. Monies have to be switched from one account to another. Laws have to be obeyed.

“People might say ‘Why can’t we just pull from the general budget and drop it into our parks?’ It doesn’t work that way,” Elcyzyn said. “The same thing goes with the school board position. This will help me understand and spread a positive message. People who are on the outside looking in are quick to be negative about things. I understand that because you don’t know what you don’t know but you need to know. I’m just going to roll up my sleeves, learn what I need to know, and tell it in a more passionate fashion.

“The transparency of the school board wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been three years ago as it is now. I want to continue with that transparency. That is phenomenal to us – just sharing things with the community as they need to be shared.”

Three years ago, current Newcastle vice-mayor Mike Fullerton along with Elcyzyn helped to bring about the construction of two much needed crosswalks on Highway 62 at Fox Lane and Stan Patty Drive.

“Mike Fullerton led the charge on the crosswalks but I was a huge advocate for them,” Elcyzyn said. “It’s such a dangerous highway. We had to have a way to walk or run along that street. I run along that street, too. If it was scary for me, can you imagine what it is like for a group of cross-country track runners? Yes, it was a big feat for Mike and me to get those crosswalks in. I’m proud of that.”

Elcyzyn is a realist. She knows that Oklahoma City is gradually spreading into the Newcastle area. It has been for several years now, slowly but surely. She would like those who have been longtime residents of the area to see the positives of growth.

“There’s a lot of growth and development in Newcastle,” Elcyzyn said. “There is a small portion of Newcastle that doesn’t want to see the growth. They are discouraged by it and want things to be the way they have always been. My family has been here since the 1970s and I can see where people might feel that way. But, here is what is imminent.

“Our city is growing and Oklahoma City alone has grown by over 100,000 people in the past year. There is an overflow now – into Shawnee, into Yukon, and out to every direction. It was imminent. When you have a metropolis like Oklahoma City growing like it has been, things will spill over and you just have to expect it. I hope it happens in an orga n i z e d and structured manner and it has been so far.”

With the increased growth of Newcastle, Elcyzyn knows that Newc ast le must always be aware of increased strain on the city’s overall health – roads and bridges, water system, schools, and everything in between.

“Infrastructure can’t be overtaken,” Elcyzyn said. “I think we have the right people in place on the city board to take care of that. And, that also includes the schools. Newcastle schools need to know that and I think Newcastle is starting to realize this. I don’t have a personal agenda or anything. I just want to get things done that need to be done. I just want to educate people on our schools and the city as a whole.”

Elcyzyn has a husband, Boomer, and they have been married for 15 years. They have two sons – Ayden, a seventhgrader, and Maverick, a kindergartner.

Elcyzyn went to Oklahoma City Public Schools until her freshman year. She graduated from Bridge Creek High School, where she played basketball, softball, and track. Her family goes to Victory Family Church in Newcastle.

“Not having all the answers only gives you skewed information,” Elcyzyn added. “You can’t trust what you see on Facebook. You can’t trust the heresy that you might get at the coffee shop. You really have to dig in and digest information from trusted sources. I think I do a good job of digging deep and seeing things from a different perspective. That’s how I operate – in the city government side, the school side, and my real estate business. I think that’s what people appreciate and what they deserve.”

Since the first of March, the entire United States has been overtaken by the dreaded Coronavirus, or Covid-19, disease. It’s not something that should be taken lightly.

“I’m sitting in a holding pattern just like everyone else,” Elcyzyn said. “Usually, this is our busiest season in real estate. I typically get an influx of business from people wanting to put their homes on the market between Spring Break and the end of the school year because people are posturing about changes in school districts. People will want to sell and buy houses and interest rates are still good.

“But, I don’t know about people getting laid off and furloughed from their jobs. I just don’t know what the market is going to look like. If we can get past the next 30 days, we’ll have a more positive outlook on the situation. What we’re hearing right now is awful – doom and gloom. I’m just trying to stay positive about everything. I say take it day-by-day and we’ll get to the other side.”

Elcyzyn remains positively steadfast in her ways.

“I’m a problem solver,” Elcyzyn said. “Every transaction has its different set of challenges. I’m ready to meet them wherever they may come from. I’m a driven person who’s determined to get across the finish line. That’s just who I am.”

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