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Drivers take to social media to air grievances over road repairs

Recent repairs to SH-76 have left drivers upset over the quality of workmanship. A recent facebook post brought up the issue and several people chimed in. However, the presence of peel and stick tabs on the road center line could mean they may not be done. According to ODOT’s eight year plan, the widening project is still on the agenda. ODOT will soon be purchasing right of way, developing utility plans and moving utilities as required. According to an insider, this part of the process could take at least a minimum of 18 months. Officially, construction should begin sometime in the first quarter of 2022. The state will be rebuilding the first three miles starting at SH-37 going south, stopping right before the turnpike bridge at Jack’s Corner. The roadway will have left turn lanes at each section line road.

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