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Despite delay due to pandemic

COVID-19 brought the construction of Newcastle’s splash-pad to a halt for approximately three weeks. The much anticipated water feature is currently under construction at Veterans Park. According to City Manager Kevin Self significant progress was made during this past week, “It’s getting closer! We hope to have it open by mid-summer,” Self said.

The City of Newcastle and the Parks, Recreation, and Beatification Board has been working hard for many years on enhancing the community’s parks. The City has received several grants to help with park improvements. . The City was awarded a Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant for a splashpad, paved parking on Veterans Parkway and new restroom facilities at the park. The city was also awarded a Federal Highway Administration Oklahoma State Parks Recreational Trails Program Grant. This grant will help the city construct approximately two miles of 10’ pedestrian trails, picnic tables, and park benches on 70 acres of park land at Veterans Park that was purchased in 2017.

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