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Senior moments from the Newcastle Senior Center

Hello Newcastle Seniors! A lot of changes are going to be taking place in the next few weeks. Things are starting to open up and maybe we will be back to the “new normal” soon. I have missed everyone and I know you all have also.

The lunch deliveries are going smoothly. If anyone is not receiving a meal but would like to, call 387-2100 before 9 a.m. to order one. You can have meals delivered as many times a week as you would like.

The Newcastle Senior Center’s executive board met last week to discuss the center's reopening and decided to give it a little more time. There is really no rush on it. They are keeping the bills paid for now and everyone who requests one is getting a good meal every day, Monday - Friday.The Dominoes and Bingo games are sitting idle but now you can go to someones house to play those games. Just be very careful and stay safe. Continuing to wearing the masks is a good idea, as well as gathering in groups smaller than 10.

We have no word yet when, or if, we will have the Danny Watters Spring Fundraiser. We are pretty certain that we will be able to have one in October, if not sooner. Danny books so many of these fundraisers in a year it may take him awhile to catch up once the timing is right to begin. We all enjoy those fundraisers so much and we feel assured it won't be too long.

Woodland Hills had church on Sunday! It was nine weeks since our last worship service in church. The count (with two services) was 320 plus a few children in classes. I'm sure there were some other local churches re-opened on that date.

I am so proud of Oklahoma and it's leadership. There has not been complaining and fault finding like there has been in many other states. We are double blessed in the fact that we are basically a rural state, with many small towns based comfortably a short distance apart. Governor Stitt sees the importance of letting people go back to work. The people of Oklahoma see the importance of letting the leaders lead. I know they have our back and do everything within their power to lead well and protect the citizens of so great a state. This is the fourth time in the past 25 years we have experienced such tragedy, although this time the numbers are so much greater. The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 took 168 lives. The tornado of 1999 took 44 lives. I don't know the count of deaths in the 2006 tornado but there were children involved. There were children involved in the 1999 tornado also. I don't know how many. On Sunday, there were 288 deaths, 5,237 positive for Covid-19 and 3,945 RECOVERED. Many more recovered than there were deaths. This is due a lot to the medical workers, their caring attitude as well as their knowledge and willingness to continue caring. I have a daughter and grandson in the medical field and I know there are times when they have been put in compromising situations. All you medical workers, police, fire fighters,first responders and many more workers, THANK YOU for keeping us safe.

Have a wonderful week. See you next week.

"It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to your name." Psalm 92:1 A song for the Lord's day (the Sabbath).

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