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Senior moments from the Newcastle Senior Center

DOROTHY’S DABLINGS/ Senior Citizen happenings

Hello Newcastle Seniors! I hope all of you are having a good week. The pace is beginning to pick up with Thanksgiving and Christmas so near. One of the best things about the holidays is that we get to see all the grand kids. Or at least most of them. We are thankful right now that all of ours are back in Oklahoma.

Attendance at the center is really starting to flow. We are gaining more people every day. I am so glad for that. We want all our seniors to stay healthy and fit and a good way to do that is to eat healthy food and stay active. Coming to the senior center is a good way to stay active. You get to meet with a lot of people who have the same goals and life style as you, and there is never a big rush. If anyone gets in a hurry, just let them go on by and just enjoy the stroll.

Jeff Hufner with the Blanchard Masonic Lodge, came Monday of last week and presented us with a check. That was so gracious of them and it is greatly appreciated. He brought along with him some people you might recognize. Eddie Otle, Mayor of Blanchard, Mike Fullerton, Vice-Mayor of Newcastle, Kevin Self, Newcastle City Manager, Bobby Webster and John Es-pen, both of Blanchard, all came along and enjoyed lunch with us and a nice long visit. Thank you gentlemen so much, and all of you are always welcome!

The Blanchard Masonic Lodge has been in operation for 109 years and their average donations for the year in the Tri-City communities is $25,000.00. They have donated over a quarter of a million dollars in the past ten years. That is a really fine record and so generous. God has truly blessed this Tri-City area with it's leaders. Every time there is a need with the Center, there is someone there to help us out.

If anyone would like to rent the center for a day or a weekend between now and Christmas, please get your name on the calender. Dates are filling up fast. The cost is $100 per day with $25 refund if the center is left clean. We have each holiday decorations, especially December. And a big beautiful decorated tree just for you and your family.

Have a wonderful week.

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7. Roast Beef

8. Shrimp

11. Chicken Alfredo

12. Taco Salad

13. Ham & Beans

14. Sweet @ Sour Chicken

15. Fish

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