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Senior moments from the Newcastle Senior Center

DOROTHY’S DABLINGS/ Senior Citizen happenings

Hello Newcastle Seniors! It is always one of my highlights of the week to be able to write this column and to share my thoughts about the news and events for our local senior center. Although there is rarely any big happenings here, we still love this center just the way it is.

A large number of seniors visit daily and are able to share a small part of their lives with friends made along the way. Our door is always open. There is always SOMETHING going on.

As I write this, it is Saturday, October 19 and I just returned home from the center’s fall fund-raiser. It was a great success, if I may say so myself. The room was full with at least 75 in attendance.

Danny Watters’ Graystone Bluegrass and Gospel Band (whew, what a big name) was the headliner band with the Mustang Ramblers and Redeemed also performing.

Danny Watters’ band is made up of Danny, Nathan Sanders, Jerry Wicker-sham and Roger Epps. Danny's granddaughter, Lilly, who is 10 year old, entertained us with her fiddle. We also had the pleasure of hearing Marlena Tidwell sing a couple of beautiful songs.

The Mustang Ramblers, as well as the Redeemed, are also really great bands. All three bands spend a lot of time donating their time and talent to various senior centers and other functions across the state. We appreciate all of them so very much. They bring a lot of laughter, a lot of really good music and a lot of fun.

The Mustang Ramblers members are Jimmy and Mara Sides and Les and Audrey Calger.

The Redeemed members are Tom Cole, Carl Brown and Roy Barnes. Carl and Roy brought their wives, Fran and Judy. Thanks to all of you for coming here and bringing your music.

If you missed the fundraiser tonight, our next one is scheduled for April. Each year we hold the events in April and October.

I will have more information on the results of tonight's show next week. There were many items donated but I don't have a complete list at this writing. I will add that there is a large number of donors who continue to support this center everytime there is a need. These fundraisers are a vital part of the continuing opportunity for keeping this center open. Thank you to all of you for your support.

Don't forget all the activities available here at the Center as well as the ones at the Newcastle Library. We have BINGO the second and fourth Tuesday and BUNCO on the first Thursday of each month. These games start around 1:45 p.m., and only cost $3. In addition to the fun times had, you just might win a prize if you’re lucky! Dominoes are played every day and there is no charge for that.

We have a van and a driver who is willing to pick you up and take you home, free of charge, if you are unable to come to the center. We can also deliver a meal to anyone who needs that service.

Have a wonderful week. Stay safe.

"The Best Example is Being One." Bruce Christian, Pastor Woodland Hills Baptist Church.


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