Local business burying time capsule, asking for items to include

     Local business owner Tammy Durham is asking the community to add their precious keepsakes to a time capsule that she plans on burying within the month.
Durham’s business, Island Time Liquor, is currently under construction to add additional square footage and she wants to bury the capsule underneath the foundation of the new building. The additional store-front will house a beer cave, wine, humidor, and essentially be a party store. But before that construction begins, she wants to add some history to the future.
     “We are asking for the businesses and residents of Newcastle to add to the timeline of Newcastle. This capsule will be buried two-and-a-half feet deeper than the foundation and it  is estimated that it will not be opened for another 150-200 years,” Durham said.
     “I have always wanted to do a time capsule. I buried one with my family, but have always wanted to do one on a larger scale. I think it’s just so cool to think that years and years from now people will find this thing and open it to see a part of history. How is that not so cool?” Durham said.
When the original store was built in 2015 Durham wanted to bury a time capsule underneath the foundation, but wasn’t able to achieve this in time.
Durham isn’t too particular on what items are donated, she wants everyone to be able to participate and  share their personal history with people of the future.
     “We have 2500 square feet of space available, and if people want to bring their own time capsule to be buried, they are welcome to. Or they can add items to ours,” Durham said.
     Everyone has a different take on what a keepsake is. Durham plans on burying a key, a flip phone, a T-shirt from high school, an Oklahoma quarter, small bottles of liquor and other items of sentiment.
     The Pacer will be donating copies of the award winning Pigskin Press Pass, issues of this week’s newspaper,  as well as the October 1, 2015 edition that contains photos and coverage of the ribbon cutting ceremony at Island Time liquor sponsored by the chamber.
     You can drop your items off at Island Time Liquor located at 608 N. Main St., or call 405-388-7161, 405-387-9463 with any questions.

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