Sharon Kay Wright

It is with great sadness that the family of Sharon Kay Wright announces
her passing after a short but hard fought battle against
Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at the
age of 68 years.
Sharon Kay Wright was born in Oklahoma City on May 6, 1949.
Sharon was raised by her grandmother Mary Shields while her
mother Geraldine continued her education.
While attending Capital Hill High School she met Melvin Timberman
who she later married. She was blessed with two boys, Jody
and Randy.
She later divorced and married Charlie Bee Wright. The two of
them were soon blessed with a son named Clarence Bee Wright.
As a single mom, Sharon spent most of her life working and taking
care of her family, always seeing to it that her boys were fed and
clothed even if that meant she would do without.
For 40+ years she worked in bearing manufacturing. Staying with
the same company all those years, she worked up until 2017 when
her illness started taking its toll on her. She started to miss more and more work due to being in severe
pain and as a result of so many tardies, she was let go and lost her health insurance.
Suffering in silence as she waited for her medicare to start, she still somehow made the time to always
check on her boys and help them however she could.
Once her medicare was active she was able to go back to her doctor who ordered some blood work
to be done on her. After going over the results the doctor had to inform Sharon that she had stage 3
Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer.

A battle with breast cancer in 1995 left a major emotional and physical toll on her. Sharon vowed she
would never do chemical therapy again should the cancer come back.
She stayed true to her word and did not take any treatment for the cancer.
As a result her doctors gave her 6 months to live.
She was discharged from the hospital and went to an assisted living facility for a short time while her
son and son in-law got the house ready for her to move in to.
Sharon went to dialysis three times a weeks to receive treatment for her failing kidneys.
After defying all odds she still hung in there and put up a fight before finally succumbing to her illness
on Thursday, March 8, 2018 in her Blanchard home where her son and son in-law had been taking care
of her.

The family would like to thank Oklahoma Hospice Care for all the help and support. A very special
thank you goes out to Donna with Oklahoma Hospice Care for the amazing job she did helping us during
this entire process.
Sharon promised her son that once she was in heaven and if it were possible to be back down on
earth, she would let her presence be known with butterflies and pennies.
As her final wish, Sharon did not want a funeral to be held in her honor. Instead she wants her friends
and family to think of their favorite memory of her and remember her that way.

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  1. Carol Valentine on June 27, 2018 at 8:59 am

    Sharon was not only my cousin but one of my best friends. I miss her dearly.

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