When God says wait

Psalm 27:14 says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” I have lots of weaknesses, but one that rises to the top is patience. My personality struggles with waiting long for anything. I am a “get it done quickly” kind of guy. Therefore, the situation I find myself in truly pushes my patience to the limit.

As I write this, it has been 140 days since Caleb’s accident. If you have not heard, my sixteen year old son was in a serious car accident on December 19, 2017. We were at the OU Trauma Center for about four weeks, and have been at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado for the rest of the time. Next week, we are planning to take Caleb to another facility in Omaha, Nebraska for at least ninety more days. This facility is the next best step toward home for Caleb, as it will help him regain the skills required for independent living. As you can see, the road to home is still quite a ways in the distance.

This entire journey has been very difficult for our entire family. Although there have been some incredible moments and progress along the way, it has still taken its toll on all of us. I often go to sleep at night thinking, “I just do not think I can do this another day.” The waiting is very difficult.

But God! This has been our theme through this entire journey. Doctors, science, medicine, etc., can all say what they want, but at the end of day, God has the final word. Even though this journey has been arduous, God has been so faithful to see us through. As we have often said, “God is working while we are waiting.”

Just the other morning I woke up feeling overwhelmed. I turned my eyes to the Word of God and immediately felt encouraged. I was reminded that God is not finished yet and He will complete His work in Caleb. He will also complete His work in countless others following along in this journey. As I read and prayed, I wept, and asked God to help me wait. I prayed that He would help me rest in His timing, will, and way. I asked Him to not heal Caleb completely until He is done working in hearts all across the world. I begged God to help me wait in a way that will bring Him more glory.

Maybe you find yourself in a season of waiting like me. All I know to do is encourage you with the truth. The Bible reminds us that we are to wait for the Lord, and as we do, He will strengthen and sustain us. Life in a fallen world is hard, and there are no shortcuts, but God is with us through it all and simply asks us to trust Him. The hardest time to trust God is when you cannot see the end, but that is what it means to walk by faith. When God says, “Wait”, what should we do? Trust in Him, hold on to His promises, and walk by faith. That is often all we can do.

I pray you have a great week and that God grows your faith. Keep praying for our son, Caleb. God is at work in the wait! See you next week!
Jeremy Freeman
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  1. Sherree Harris on May 10, 2018 at 2:18 am

    God bless you and your family with peace and strength as you wait upon the Lord!! Thank you soo much for sharing these encouraging words about waiting…really needed to read these words tonight!!💕

  2. Maxine Wade on May 10, 2018 at 6:03 am

    Bryce and I have been praying in agreement and waiting alongside you and your family from the time of the accident. We totally expect Caleb to have a full recovery but know it is very trying on everyone in the family as you wait on God’s timing. I believe you are not alone in your struggle for patience. In this world of instant gratuity, we all want and expect things to be quick and not have to wait on anything. However as you mentioned, God works on His own timetable for His purpose and His glory.
    Praying today and now that God will continue to move mightily in Caleb’s recovery and life, and in all He wants to move closer to Him. So many people have already been moved and their faith strengthened by your family’s situation. Our church has had their faith strengthened as many other churches. A revival is happening because of what Caleb has gone through and what your family has faced. God has done and will continue to do miracles through you all. God has used your family’s season of trial for so much already.
    We love you all and are praying continually for you until this season ends. Thank you for your encouragement to others as you struggle yourselves through this. You have blessed many and may God bless you for that. Praying also that your church will continue to support and encourage you all and we will be waiting for your return to us.
    Blessings, Bryce and Maxine Wade

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