Kevin Self named Newcastle’s interim city manager

By Todd Newville

Newcastle’s City Hall recently underwent a somewhat surprising change in leadership. On the evening of April 9, the Newcastle City Council voted to terminate the contract of Newcastle City Manager Nick Nazar.
Nazar reportedly underwent back surgery several months ago and was still out on leave at the time of his termination. Assistant City Manager Kevin Self will act as the interim City Manager for Newcastle until a permanent replacement can be named.
Newcastle Mayor Gene Reid gave a thorough response to inquiries about the termination of Nazar in an e-mail to The Newcastle Pacer on Tuesday morning.
“During the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on the evening of April 9, 2018, the City Council voted to terminate its contract with Mr. Nick Nazar, effective April 15th, 2018,” Reid stated. “The decision came after our meeting and discussion with City Manager Nick Nazar earlier in the year, leading to what we feel is a mutual agreement. We appreciate Nick for his many years of service with and for the city.
“Included in the vote was the action of naming Mr. Kevin Self as Interim City Manager for the City of Newcastle.  Kevin has been with the City of Newcastle for 14 years and the last seven years have been in the role of Assistant City Manager.  He has been Acting City Manager since August of 2017 due to Mr. Nazar’s absence for medical reasons.
“No decision has been made regarding the timing or process for filling the position. However, the council is confident in Kevin’s ability to provide the operational and staff leadership in his role as Interim City Manager.”

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