ECHO is Celebrating OHCE week! 

This week is OHCE week!  Wait!  What is OHCE?  Oklahoma Home and Community Education is the formal title.  However, for our ECHO group, it’s a group of people that get together monthly to learn new things.  We’ve learned about setting up a living will, the history of wheat, and how to make homemade, eco friendly cleaners.  Time and again our group has gotten out of our comfort zones and learned a new skill such as candy making and crocheting.  At the end of the meeting it’s really about one thing – taking time as adults to learn new things and make friends.  ECHO wants you to know you’re invited to join our group or any OHCE group across the state of Oklahoma.  Come learn with us!  For details contact McClain County OSU Extension office at 405-527-2174.

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