Phillip Hanson chosen as Senior of the Month

By Andrew L Basden        

The Newcastle Pacer


Phillip Hanson was named the July Senior of the Month.

Hanson and his wife, Gayle have lived in Newcastle for the past 12 years and have been married since 1976.

Gayle teaches music to kindergarten through fifth grades at Bridge Creek Public Schools.

The Hanson’s have three kids, and is a regular at the Church of Christ in Newcastle.

Hanson worked for the Daily Oklahoman in Norman as the manager for district 92.

“My daughter Heather, was my best salesman there.  At age 10 she was going door-to-door selling papers,” said Hanson.

After the Daily Oklahoma, Hanson worked for Dominos as a delivery driver.

“My favorite area to deliver in was the neighborhood at May and Highway 9, the people in that neighborhood always tipped really good,” said Hanson.

Hanson was on his way back to the restaurant and had a stroke and was taken to the hospital. He was unable to work anymore after that and retired.

Since starting retirement, Hanson spends his time collecting items like aluminum cans and copper that he can sell and get money for.

Hanson has also been cleaning the vacuums at the car wash in Blanchard for the past 3-4 years and said that he has found some interesting things.

“I have found five and ten dollar bills, there have been a few twenty dollar bills and I even found a hundred dollar bill before,” said Hanson.

Hanson has also found some jewelry and even a lottery scratcher that was worth some money.

Golf is another thing that he enjoys. Hanson won the Senior Division of a Golf, Long Drive contest with a drive of 328 yards.

Hanson has been going to the senior center since he was 55 years old.

“Being senior of the month meant that I got to go to lunch first, my favorite thing about the center is the food, although I do not like beans,” said Hanson.

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