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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 16:38

Last Place Champs

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Kyle Crossley better not give up his day job, as apparently he is not too good at playing football – fantasy football that is. Crossley came in last place in his Fantasy Football League 405, which is why he is wearing a dress and holding up a sign in Tri-City.

This “Last Place Rule” was determined when the league formed back in August; League 405 is made up of several Newcastle graduates.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 21:02

The end of a good run

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By Max Terrell

The Newcastle Racer’s playoff run ended Friday night after a 40-7 loss to Fort Gibson.

The loss came on another night where the offensive line struggled giving up several sacks and few holes for the running backs.

The lone score for the Racers came off a 22-yard run by Casey Freeman in the second quarter. The Fort Gibson defense pressured the offense all night with Freeman throwing for 111 passing yards and Zach Bergt finished with 31 yards on 12 carries.

This game was the first time the Racers did not score double digit points the entire season with the second lowest scoring total for the Racers happening in week five game against Woodward.

The Racer’s playoff run saw the team go 10-2 for the season and going 6-1 with their only regular season loss coming from Anadarko who went undefeated during the regular season. Fort Gibson had the number two seed coming into the game.

While no team wants to go out on a loss, and the state title is always the goal at the start of the season, head coach Keith Bolles says he is proud of his players.

“Even if I knew we could not win a title again, I would still coach this group again.” Bolles said. “The hard work they put in, and the drive they had every game made it so much fun to coach these guys.”

The words from Bolles shows the cohesiveness the group has had since the beginning of the year. The team surpassed many people’s expectations across the state making it all the way to the state quarterfinals.

“The dedication and determination they showed is what I am most proud of,” said Bolles. “This team put in a lot of work and got better each and every week and improved game to game. There wasn’t a week we did not see improvement from our guys.”

While the seniors on the team will not be able to end their high school careers with a state title, Bolles hopes the team will leave with something even more important than a state ring.

“I want them to realize they worked hard,” said Bolles. “I want them to know that they are leaving their program with success and are prepared for life.”

Bolles ended by saying that he is confident the underclassmen coming into the next year will be able to fill their roles as leaders. “Just like every year, the Racers will start with high expectations and that, “he is excited for the countdown,” he said.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:04

Newcastle advances in state playoffs

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By Max Terrell

Newcastle started its playoff run with a win over Glennpool Friday advancing to the quarter finals on what was a game filled with tons of offense for the Racers that ended in a 41-20 win.

Casey Freeman had one of his best games of the year throwing three touchdowns, all of which came in the first half.

While the offensive scoring production was a bright point for the Racers, the offensive line struggled opening up running holes for Zach Bergt and Freeman. They were under pressure all night, but head coach Keith Bolles feels that the offensive line’s troubles were a one-time problem.

“I think they were bringing more pressure than we could block,” said Bolles. “We have to get our check offs and get the shorter routes, but I think overall we will be fine; and Casey handled the pressure well.”

Even with the slow rushing start, Bergt began finding running lanes scoring a rushing touchdown and capping off his night with a late touchdown catch.
While Freeman’s ability to elude defenders and throw the deep ball were keys to the win, another player had production not only on the offensive side but also on the defensive side of the ball.

C.J Hill made two of the biggest back-to-back plays in the game after forcing a fumble, and the very next play catching a deep touchdown pass that put the Racers ahead by three scores. Hill would end his day with two touchdown receptions, a forced fumble, and an interception.

“CJ does a great job on the field, especially defensively,” said Bolles. “He leads our team in interceptions. He is a lockdown corner, and he is a good open field tackler. CJ is very vital to our defense.”

On several occasions, especially near the end of the game, several players were pushing and shoving after the whistle, and in one instance in the fourth quarter, a Glennpool player was actually ejected from the remainder of the game.

The maturity and discipline helped lead the Racers to the win walking away from opposing players and having few penalties.

“I was very proud of the guys,” said Bolles. “They turned and walked away from some of the things that were possibly questionable, and as a coach you tell your guys [to do that], but you don’t always see it. I did see it tonight, and that is one of the things I am most proud of.”

Newcastle’s next playoff game will be Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Ft. Gibson.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014 17:55

Young Racers win back-to-back championships

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By Darla Welchel
Managing Editor

The high school Racers weren’t the only ones playing for high stakes over the weekend, a group of miniature football players with hearts of much larger athletes took to the field to prove they were champs.

Newcastle’s first grade Racers walked away with the Deep Fork Championship for the second year in a row.

After an impressive season, the pint-sized players made it to the championship game, which was played  last Saturday at Choctaw High school, said football mom Tiffany Elcyzyn. The young team defeated the Seminole Chieftains 28-8.

“Their conviction to the game has shown though. Inundated practices and game after game, their victories have steadily increased,” she said. “The first grade Racers have been victorious in their endeavors this season remaining undefeated within the Deep Fork Valley league and pushed to the first round of playoffs where they bolted into the second round after a win against Blanchard. The second round of playoffs proved to be a very heart-wrenching, gut-busting, nail biting game against the Seminole Chieftains.”

The small Racers didn’t let the bitter cold deter their determination to once again walk away with the championship title. Also, the group, play in honor of one of their own each year.

“It is important to mention that the boys continue to play in honor of #18 Trey Freeman, their friend who passed away last year after a long battle with leukemia and being born with no immune system. This is a very good group of boys and we pray they continue to go on to do amazing things,” Elcyzyn said.

Here is the coaching staff and the First Grade Racer roster:

Josh Heskew-Head Coach
Cameron Corbin-Asst Coach
Brad Burchett- Asst Coach
Jaye Snow- Asst Coach
Gil Hensley- Asst Coach

1    Korbyn Garver
8    Taj Smith
9    Ayden Elcyzyn
11  Eli Probst
13  Tyler Runyan
16  Trey Burchett
17   Landon Gilbert
22   Wyatt Probst
23   Dalton Stubblefield
28   Kambryn Chapman
29   Brycen Riddle
32   Tanner Trammell
38   Grady Corbin
40   Maddyx Snow
59   Rex Heskew
74   Brody Hensley
77   Hunter Barry
92   Isaiah James
98   Andrew Riggs

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 20:16

BC Bobcats season ends, retain community support

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By Jennifer Wynne

The Bridge Creek Bobcats hosted the Douglas Trojans at Jerry Wallis Field for their last game. The Bobcats were without one of their top receivers as Mason Trevino was out for the season with a shoulder injury.

The Trojans had a slow start but got moving late in the first with a touchdown by Anthony Jackson with just a few minutes left in the first quarter taking the score to 7/0. The Trojans then took advantage and scored again with 14 seconds left in the quarter.

Douglas had a good interception by Patrick MacLaughlin scoring early in the second quarter taking the score to 21/0.
They were able to capitalize on one more time in the quarter, but the extra point was no good for a 27/0 lead.

Then the Bobcats showed some potential with 44 seconds left in the half when Senior Jimmy Wynne was able to hit Christian Longan between the numbers for a Bridge Creek touchdown. The kick by Senior Victor Esparza was no good bringing the score to Bobcats 6 – Trojans 27 into the half.

Douglas came back with another touchdown in the third quarter and then capitalized on a backward pass ruled against the Bobcats. The pass was picked up by Sergio Nelson and ran in for a touchdown for a score to 40/6.

With Douglas ahead, the Bobcats finally got a break with a fumble, and Senior Jacob Steinhour was in a perfect position to jump on the ball for Bobcat possession.

The Bobcats were then able to capitalize on the possession with a 42-yard touchdown run by Senior Jacob Watkins, the extra kick by Esparza again was no good.

The Bobcats weren’t able to get on the board again and finished out the season with no-wins and the final score was 40/12 Douglas up.
The Bobcats fought a long and tough season and all of Bridge Creek is very proud of the effort put forth by the team this season.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 19:51

Racing To State, Newcastle makes playoffs

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By Cody Johnson

Last Friday the Newcastle Racers concluded their regular season schedule with a 40-21 win over Elgin at home.

Newcastle took an early lead in the first quarter. With six minutes left in the quarter, senior quarterback Casey Freeman scrambles into the end zone, but the extra point kick was unsuccessful.

On the next possession by Elgin, their quarterback was sacked and fumbled the ball. The Racers recovered it and took over on Elgin’s 30-yard line. A few plays later, Gavin Garner caught a ten-yard pass and ran the remaining 15 yards into the end zone. This time, Newcastle’s PAT was successful putting the score at 13-0.

Elgin’s next drive was almost identical. Their running back fumbled the ball, and Freeman recovered it on Elgin’s 17-yard line for Newcastle. With 2:40 left in the first quarter senior Zach Bergt ran the ball in for another Newcastle touchdown. The Racers went ahead 20-0.

Newcastle scored two more touchdowns in the remainder of the first half, one by Garner with a short touchdown catch, and one by Ben Persall with a 31-yard touchdown catch. Shane Martin kicked a 51-yard field goal attempt for the Racers. The kick had enough distance but veered slightly left to fall unsuccessful.

The Owls managed to move into Racer territory once in the first half with a 30-yard pass, but never managed to make it into the end zone. Newcastle finished the first half 34-0.

Newcastle scored one more time early in the third quarter then began sending in their second string for the remainder of the game. The second string teams allowed three Elgin touchdowns, one in the third quarter and two in the fourth quarter. In the end, Newcastle claimed the 40-21 victory.
Senior quarterback Casey Freeman passed for 167 yards on 12 passes and rushed for 49 yards on nine carries. Senior running back Zach Bergt ran for 45 yards on 12 carries while receiving 26 yards on three catches. Senior wide receiver Ben Persall received 79 yards on 2 catches. Junior wide receiver Gavin Garner received 31 yards on three catches.

This concluded the regular season for the Newcastle Racers. The Racers will now enter the single elimination playoff bracket by hosting the 5-5 Glenpool Warriors on Friday at home at 7:30 p.m.


Thursday, 06 November 2014 19:54

Racers suffer first loss of the season

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By Cody Johnson
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The Newcastle Racers had more than they could handle on Halloween when the No. 1 ranked Anadarko Warriors came to town.
Despite several mounted comebacks, the Racers fell to the Warriors 17-47. This puts Newcastle at 8-1 for the season and 5-1 in district play.
"I think, obviously, we started a little slow," said heach coach Keith Bolles. "I don't want to take anything away from Anadarko, because they are a great team. A loss is never a good thing, but I think we can take this loss and learn from it. In the long run, it is going to make us a better football team."
Even with an unusually low score for Newcastle, senior quarterback Casey Freeman managed to put up 201 yards passing on 16 throws. Senior running back Zach Bergt put up 96 yards on nine carries rushing.
Senior Glenn Cerny caught two passes for 39 yards along with junior Isaac Johnson who had two passes for 48 yards. Junior Cory Hill also caught two passes for 32 yards.
Bolles said. "The turnovers were not good for us. I know [two of them] were on their side of the field."
"Our offensive line had some bright moments, but there were also time where we missed assignments, same thing with our defensive line," he said. "We are going to change some things in our preparation for Elgin."
The Newcastle Racers will return to action Friday for Senior Night when they take on the Elgin Owls at 7:30 p.m.
"Elgin plays in a spread, and they are coming off two big wins," Bolles said. "They are playing their last game, and it is our senior night so there will be a lot emotion there."


Wednesday, 29 October 2014 16:34

Newcastle extends win streak to eight

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By Cody Johnson
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The Newcastle Racers claimed another victory on the road last Friday as they traveled to Weatherford to take on the Eagles. The Racers moved on to 8-0 for the season and 5-0 in district play as they defeated Weatherford 42-21.
Senior quarterback Casey Freeman out performed everyone on the field as he passed for 316 yards and total yardage of 326. Senior running back Zach Bergt also was in spectacular form as he carried the ball 115 yards on 14 carries throughout the night.
The first quarter was uneventful with both teams unable to drive the ball into the end zone.
Early in the second quarter Weatherford ran it in from five yards out and kicked a successful point after touchdown, PAT, to put Weatherford up 7-0. Eagle defense then forced a fumble and ran the ball back for a 70 yard fumbled recovery touchdown. With another successful kick, Weatherford went ahead 14-0.
Newcastle did not wait long to mount a come back, Freeman hit wide receiver Gavin Garner with a 43 yard touchdown pass to put Newcastle on the board. Racer defense obtained a stop and the offense took over. Freeman then hit wide receiver Brady Davis with a 31-yard touchdown pass to tie up the game going into halftime.
The momentum towards Newcastle continued in the third quarter as Freeman hit Bergt on a seven-yard touchdown pass but the extra point attempt was no good. Midway through the third, Weatherford turned a 25 yard pass into a touchdown and kicked a successful PAT to go ahead 21-20.
Newcastle’s Dakota Norman responded with a 1-yard run punched into the end zone followed by a two-point conversion to put Newcastle ahead 28-21. The Racers maintained their lead with two more touchdowns, one by Freeman and one by wide receiver Parker Bolles to take home the victory 42-21.
The Racers will return home to take on Anadarko on Friday at 7:30 p.m.
"We will be celebrating football and band senior night at a pep rally on the football field Nov. 6 starting at 6:30 p.m. This is a change in how senior night has been traditionally done. It usually takes place before the game on Friday. We have decided to give this a try and make a tradition out of it," said Athletic Director Dale Berglan.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014 19:50

Newcastle defeats Clinton 41-7

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By Cody Johnson
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The Newcastle Racers defeated Clinton 41-7 last Friday extending their undefeated streak to seven when the Red Tornadoes whirled into town.
"We were behind the first quarter. It was a great test for us. Our kids responded to being down to a quality football team. The adversity of going against someone with tradition like Clinton and falling behind on the first play is tough," said head coach Keith Bolles. "The defense came off the field and no one was hanging their heads because everybody knew there were a lot more plays left in the game. That is one thing I am really proud of, they way they responded."
Clinton won the coin toss and elected to receive the football to start the game. After Newcastle downed their runner on the kickoff at the 30-yard line, the Red Tornadoes ran a 70-yard option to score the first touchdown of the game. With a successful point after touchdown (PAT) kick, those were the only points Clinton would put on the board for the game.
Newcastle's offense came back strong on their first possession but was unable to get into the red zone, however the Racers' defense shut down Clinton's offense from then on.
In the second quarter, senior quarterback Casey Freeman hit wide receiver Ben Persall on 56-yard touchdown pass to put the Racers on the score board and a PAT kick from Everett tied the game at 7-7. That was not the end of the quarter. Next Freeman hit wide receiver Gavin Garner and wide receiver Brady Davis with a 27-yard and 37-yard touchdown pass respectively. Two more PAT kicks from Everett put Newcastle ahead of Clinton 21-7. Before the half ended, Freeman hit Persall with another touchdown pass for 9 yards and another six for the Racers going into halftime.
The third quarter divided the teams even more with a five-yard quarterback draw by Freeman and a 71-yard run from senior running back Zach Bergt that put the Racers ahead 41-7. The fourth quarter was a draw for both teams offensively sending the Racers to 7-0 overall for the season and 4-0 in district play.
"Offensively, Casey had a great night throwing the ball and our receivers did a great job running their routes. It was the offensive line though that gave him time to throw," Bolles said. "Our defensive line played well against their offensive line and our linebackers played assignment football so after the first play it was a great night."
The Racers return to action on Friday when they travel to Weatherford for their district game at 7 p.m. No. 5 ranked Weatherford is currently 6-1 overall for the season and 4-0 in district play.
"I think it's a true testament to our district when we have three of the top five ranked teams in the state in our district so we going to play Weatherford this week, play Anadarko next week, finish up with Elgin and then get ready for the second part of our season," Bolles said.


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By  Jennifer Wynne
The Bridge Creek Bobcats hosted the John Marshall Bears last Friday night. Early in the game, senior Mason Trevino scored for the Bobcats taking an early lead of 6-0 against the Bears. With 1:50 left in the first quarter, sophomore Tyler Martinez intercepted a throw from John Marshal and ran it back to the 1-yard line. Trevino then took the ball in to the end zone, and the Bobcats continue their lead 12-0 at the end of the first quarter.
With 8:23 left in the 2nd quarter, the game was postponed due to lightening and was rescheduled to resume Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m.
It was clear Saturday that John Marshall went home Friday night and did their homework. With adjustments made, the Bears immediately got on the board and scored twice in the remainder of the first half bringing the score to 12-12 at the half.
After the half, John Marshall came back out even stronger and scored an additional three touchdowns in the third quarter taking the score toe to 36-12 with the Bobcats unable to answer to any of those points. The Bears put two more touchdowns on the scoreboard before the end of the game taking the final score to 50-12.
The Bobcats will travel on the road to face Blanchard this Thursday.

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