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Rabies case confirmed in Lexington

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A Lexington veternarian has confirmed a case of rabies.

Earlier today, a phone notification call was made throughout McClain County advising residents that a confirmed case of rabies was reported in the town of about 2,000, located directly across the Canadian River from Purcell. The skunk was brought in after biting an area dog. 

The dog is currently under observation for symptoms of rabies, while the skunk is contained. There have been no further reports of the skunk biting other animals or people.

Rabies is a viral infection that can be passed between humans and animals, usually via a bite or scratch. The disease causes inflammation of the brain. It may take months for symptoms to appear, however once symptoms of inflammation appear, death is near-certain according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dogs and bats are the primary carriers of the Rabies virus in North America. Rabies vaccinations are available for both humans and animals. Worldwide, an estimated 50,000 human deaths can be attributed to rabies. 

Signs that an animal is infected with rabies includes excessive drooling, erratic and aggressive behavior, and a fear of water.

Anyone who sees an animal they suspect is rabid is urged to contact animal control authorities. For more information on rabies vaccinations for your pets, contact your veternarian. Anyone who is bitten by an unknown animal is urged to immediately seek rabies treatment.


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